Make Me Smile!

March 5th, 2015

cc-smileEach year, thousands of Canadians bring members of their family home from the hospital after an illness, accident, or new diagnosis. Whether it’s a senior returning after a fall or a stroke, a middle aged professional recovering from chemotherapy, or a young single mum who cares for a child with cerebral palsy….“coming home” often involves changes, transitions and a stepped up role for family members.
What’s usually needed is help with both understanding the type of care someone is going to need and making the home safer, more comfortable and cheerful for everyone.

A new Canada Cares campaign that will make “coming home” … just a little bit more pleasant. We can’t eliminate all the stressors or make the nastys go away but we can, make you smile…

Our Plan
Here are some ways we plan to make just a little bit of a difference in the lives of Canadians from coast to coast….

Joan wants to know if her mum, Martha, is going to be safe at home now. She lives alone in a country farm house. We’ll ask one of our OT’s to do an in-home assessment and make recommendations.

Issie is going to spend more time in bed so we’ll send her some pretty new bedding and some nice fluffy pillow’s. Her daughter helped us select what she’d like.

Habib needs a safety rail installed in his bathroom. His son asked us for help. We’ve got it covered!

Josh and Mary’s family room could use a fresh coat of paint now that Mary’s spending most of her time there. We can also give her a nice new throw blanket to keep her warm and toasty on those cold winter nights.

Hanna’s son doesn’t have the funds to cover some of the things his dad needs to freshen up his home and care for his wife. We’ll send him a gift card to help him out.

Simply put, Canada Cares will be “Making Canadians Smile” from coast to coast by sprucing up their homes and brightening up their lives with fresh furnishings, bedding, paint, and kitchenware, as well as safety and accessibility products.

Who is Involved?
With donations of cash, product, gift cards and in-kind donations of time and support from members of the homecare industry, the design and building community, and our corporate retail partners we are making dreams come true.

What Can Our Sponsors Expect?
Based on our exciting track record, supporters of the Make Me Smile campaign can expect a wide-array of media coverage and attention throughout the campaign.

With exclusive access to the Canada Cares integrated network that reaches over a million Canadian households, sponsors will be recognized in highly targeted pr, print, on-line and social media campaigns and through direct contact with our exclusive e-lists. (Canada Cares has the largest list of family caregivers, caregiving organizations, family members and health professionals from coast to coast)

Custom Programs
Families and supporting professional organizations will work with Canada Cares to help us match needs with products.

Sponsors and funders will work with our marketing team to provide products and services on a national or regional basis.



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