Caregiver Friendly Workplace Award Winner

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Canada Cares Awards. Check out their stories. We invite you to share your congratulations and feedback. A special thank you to everyone who entered the coast to coast and to our judges and committee members.

 Yukon Hospital Foundation

Yukon Hospital Foundation




The Yukon Hospital Foundation administers the funds for Yukoners’ Cancer Care Fund (YCCF). The YHF administers six different funds, all at no expense to the individual trusts and has helped YCCF support more than 22 families battling cancer. For over ten years, the team at YHF assists with persons and groups wanting to host events, setting up trusts, gifts by will, RRSP, and memorial donations.

The YCCF could not exist without the support of the foundation. Through their existence, the YHF educates and motivates individuals, businesses, and organizations of the need for more and better caregiving for individuals and families that need assistance. According to the nominator, without YHF, Yukon would not have some of the “best caregivers possible.”




This award is supported by Dr.Dan Andreae and The Canadian Abilities Foundation.