Canada Cares Caregiver Awards for Family and Friends Nomination Criteria

All nominations must adhere to the following criteria. Each key criterion will be evaluated by the Awards Committee and given a score of 1-10.

Independence & Dignity: The nominee has demonstrated commitment to ensuring the individual/s receiving their care is/are able to maintain a quality of life and level of dignity that is above the standard of others affected by similar circumstances.

Caregiver Strength: The nominee has overcome significant obstacles or committed significant time to ensure the needs of the person(s) receiving their care are met.


  1. Length of time as caregiver
  2. Action that further advances the comfort and well being
  3. Action that contributes to quality of care
  4. Coordination of local resources

Commitment to Care: The nominee has exhibited reliability in meeting the needs of the person(s) requiring care. Such commitment should be demonstrated through noted actions that require caregiver engagement beyond what is expected.


  1. Personal sacrifice
  2. Reliability of care
  3. Advocacy in the face of adversity

Community: The nominee has taken caregiving beyond their own situation and is actively involved in enhancing the lives of other caregivers or individuals requiring care through participation or support of organizations/facilities within their community.

Compassion & Perseverance: The nominee demonstrates passion and empathy accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering of the person(s) requiring care.