Canada Cares Caregiver Atlantic Awards Winners 2015

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Canada Cares Awards. Check out their stories and our regional award winners over the next few days. We invite you to share your congratulations and feedback. A special thank you to everyone who entered the coast to coast and to our judges and committee members.

THE SMILE MAKER: Helen DeyoungFamily Caregiver, Atlantic Region

helen-and-hildaHelen has been caring for her 85-year old mother Hilda since her father passed away thirteen years ago. Hilda suffers from heart disease and diabetes and requires assistance to complete daily tasks. Helen has dedicated her time to attend to her mother’s needs and often accompanies her to doctor’s appointments, does the grocery shopping and ensures that bill payments are up to date.

Although Hilda maintains some independence by cooking small meals for herself, Helen will bring her mother home cooked meals to ensure she is getting proper nutrition. Helen suffers from osteoarthritis and has undergone two knees and a hip replacement. Nevertheless, she is extremely tough and prioritizes her mother’s care even though there are days when she struggles with her own pain.

Helen is also involved in her community as knits winter hats and mitts for the homeless and every winter she donates clothes and food to the homeless shelter. Also, her golden Labrador has been certified as a Saint John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog. She takes the dog to visit schools, hospitals, and nursing homes in order to provide animal therapy to individuals suffering with physical and mental health issues.

Helen enjoys taking every opportunity she can to bring a smile on someone’s face.

THE BENEVOLENT GIVER: Lillian Curwin, Professional Caregiver, Atlantic Region

Lillian Curwin

Lillian is a PSW who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to care and support her clients in their hour of need. Caregiving is a vocation for Lillian, whose patient-centred approach is delivered with patience, laughter, and resilience, inspiring confidence in both her clients and their families. She attends to the needs of he clients; with the nominator commending her for the respect she shows her client’s desires. Accordingly, she spent unpaid time taking her clients to medical appointments, shopping, and doing leisure activities that would allow them the opportunity to enjoy their life.

Lillian is now seventy years old, and continues to work as a PSW at People’s Park Tower in Moncton, NB.