Canada Cares Award Nomination Form Family, Friend or Professional 2018

Let’s Celebrate Caregivers

Caregivers are often adult daughters or sons, spouses, family members, parents of young children or close friends and neighbours. They are also health professionals from many different areas or attendants providing personal care and support.

Regardless of the scope and range of their responsibilities, Canada Cares believes those who go the extra mile deserve to be recognized for their compassion, dedication, effort and commitment to caring. As in year’s past a total of five professional and five family/friend Caregiver Awards will be selected in 2018.

Please help us celebrate those who go “above and beyond” to support and care by nominating those special caregivers in your life.

For nomination criteria on the Professional Caregiver Award click here.
For nomination criteria on the Friends and Family Caregiver Award click here.
For rules and regulations on the One Wish Award click here.
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Relationship of the Caregiver to the Individual Receiving Care*:
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All nominations may be submitted online or in either written or video format, and should highlight the criteria in which their category is being judged. All written submissions should contain a photo of the caregiver with the individual receiving care. Written entries must be submitted in essay or point form of 500-1,000 words. Permission must be obtained prior to publishing any story or named individual.

Upload a photo (if available) of the caregiver with the person(s) receiving care. (5MB limit)

To submit a video, please upload it to YouTube and provide the link here.

To create the best possible entry, we suggest you use the following questions as guidelines and read the full nomination criteria. Creativity is encouraged.

  1. Caregiver Situation: For whom does/did the nominee provide care and for how long?

  2. Caregiver Challenges: What obstacles/challenges has the nominee faced and overcome in his/her caregiver role?

  3. Independence & Dignity: What has the nominee done to maintain the quality of life and level of dignity of the individual(s) receiving care?

  4. Commitment to Care: How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to caregiving beyond expectations?

  5. Community Involvement: How has the nominee enhanced the lives of others in the community?

  6. About this Award: How did you hear about this award?

  7. One Wish AwardONE WISH AWARD | $10,000 Is Up For Grabs

    Here’s your chance to nominate an outstanding caregiver and make their wish come true with our annual One Wish Award! One Wish nominations are judged on the creativity of the wish and the impact that making it come true will have. Nominate a deserving caregiver today for our One Wish Award and make a difference in someone’s life!

    Please Note: To qualify for the One Wish Award, the winner must be a current Canada Cares Caregiver Award nominee. Health professionals are not eligible to personally win a cash prize. In the case of a professional caregiver nomination, we invite the professional to suggest a deserving individual within his or her community for the One Wish Award. Canada Cares reserves the right to grant the One Wish cash award to a single winner or to allocate it among two or more winners.

  8. I wish to submit a nomination for the Canada Cares One Wish Award*: If you could make one caregiver’s wish come true, what would it be? (* Not open to residents of Quebec)

    Or upload your story as an attachment (2MB limit; Word or PDF files only):