About Canada Cares

Welcome to the Canada Cares website and thank you for your interest in learning more about us.


Canada Cares’ mandate is to say “thank you,” and to elevate the role of family and professional caregivers while establishing multi-disciplinary, multi-sector partnerships that focus on recognition, participation, awareness, accessibility and diverse community engagement.

We encourage families, workplaces, governments, industry and other stakeholders to support caregivers for young children, teens, adults and seniors to recognize the importance of caregiving to both the quality of life and the economic and societal well being of our nation.


Canada Cares is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is to create a sense of community for family and professional caregivers by increasing awareness, providing encouragement and showing appreciation. We are governed by a Board of Directors, an Industry Advisory Committees and a Patrons Committee.

Board Members

Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Chair
Vice-President and Group Publisher, BCS Group

Ashleigh McDougall, Secretary
Senior Consultant, Shell International Petroleum Company.

Mandy Liu, Treasurer
Accountant, BCS Group

Dr. Cameron Graham
Associate Professor of Accounting, Schulich School of Business
Chair of Canadian Abilities Foundation

Keith Edwards
Senior Vice President, Training and Development, SCM Insurance Services

Anette Larsson
Campaign Director, Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

You can contact us at 416-421-7944 or by email at info@canadacares.org.



Why was Canada Cares founded?

Caroline and Don, Canada CaresAfter caring for her mother, Margaret, who was stroke disabled, Caroline recognized the difficulty of life as a caregiver.

“My father Ralph lived with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and a number of years after he died, my mother, Margaret, had a massive stroke which left her unable to walk or talk. During this time, one of our daughters was also diagnosed with epilepsy. Not only did I need to provide care and attention but I also relied on advice and support from an army of caring health professionals along the way.

As thousands of us have learned, family caregiving can bring out the best in us but it’s also extremely challenging. It pushes us to our limits, drains our energy and often brings us to our knees. It affects our families, our jobs, our finances and our health. And often, the health professionals who touch our lives during these difficult times go unmentioned as they give of themselves time and again, day after day.

I founded Canada Cares, to say thank you and to shine the light on all those people who go the extra mile and really do care.”