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An Evening in Support of Canada Cares and Lee Melymick

Hosted by

 Kim Coates  Gerri Hall  Mark Breslin

Kim Coates      Gerri Hall       Mark Breslin

Lee Melymick

Lee Melymick was an engineering student at Ryerson University and a gifted athlete when he was seriously injured in a fall in 2015 while working at a summer window washing job. His spinal cord was completely severed and he was diagnosed with total paralysis from the waist down.

Lee spent many days in intensive care fighting for his life. He required multiple surgeries and other medical procedures to address various complications. Following his third surgery he was able to move from intensive care to a trauma ward where he spent another 70 days before moving to
a rehabilitation facility. During this ordeal, Lee went from a strong, athletic 210 lbs. to a fragile 135 lbs. on his 6’4” frame.

Just before Christmas, Lee was finally allowed to go home where he continues to require full-time care. His devoted mother, Teresa, who has taken leave from her job, provides much of his care. In addition to having to cope with his life-changing circumstances, Lee now suffers from chronic pain caused by his surgeries. With no viable solutions in Canada, the family is currently exploring medical and surgical options outside Canada to address Lee’s pain. Funds raised will assist with travel and medical costs.

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Please join us in thanking our evening’s sponsors, the Paul Bronfman Family Foundation, Dr. Dan Andreae, Jackman Foundation, Ryerson University, W Studio, Royal York Road United Church, Monks Family Charitable Trust, Dr. Stephen Tsotsos, Jan Desormeaux and Anne McLernan, Robert J. Connolly and Conti Renovations.


May 6, 2017 • Canada Cares