Welcome to Canada Cares

Canada Cares’ mandate is to say “thank you,” and to elevate the role of family and professional caregivers while establishing multi-disciplinary, multi-sector partnerships that focus on recognition, participation, awareness, accessibility and diverse community engagement.

We encourage families, workplaces, governments, industry and other stakeholders to support caregivers for young children, teens, adults and seniors to recognize the importance of caregiving to both the quality of life and the economic and societal well being of our nation. Read more

Thank You to our Supporters

  • Brain Injury Association of Canada
  • March of Dimes Canada
  • Ability Online
  • Parkinson Society Canada
  • Stroke Recovery Canada
  • CBI Health Group
  • Abilities
  • Caretrak
  • BCS Group
  • Alzheimer Society Toronto
  • Living Care Solutions
  • Invacare
  • Kohler
  • Canada Caregiver Coalition
  • Caregiving Matters